Argyle House

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

On Tuesday the 15.08.17, Everyone in argyle house got up dressed and had breakfast before we all set off to get the train to Edinburgh.  We got 3 different trains and all met back up on princess street. When we arrived the parties were in full swing and the street was busy. We walked along the gardens and seen all the different acts. They were all amazing. Along the end of the gardens we got blankets down and all got in a big circle to have our lunch.

The sun was shining, people were singing and we were laughing and joking. After lunch we decided to go a walk and listen to more act. There was lots of different stalls doing different things. We stopped at one man in the street he asked to borrow Sarah’s glasses, she gave him them and he balance them on his nose we were all amazed as it was fairly windy at the time. He eventually got a really good crowd and before we knew it everyone was laughing and clapping it was a really good show. Before heading back for the train we headed to bens cookies, it would be rude not too they are the best cookies around.

We will see you again next year!