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70 years of friendship

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A friendship like no other

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Nona Wilson and Annie Elder have been friends for over 60 years, Yes that’s right 60 YEARS!! Annie and Nona both met at Stanmore School they both started school around 6 years old and left when they were just 15. After school, they were separated for several years before both being reunited at Rosslynlee hospital. In 1964 both Annie and Nona were transferred to Glen Lomond. 7 years later Annie and Nona both moved to Lynbank hospital where they both spend 29 years before moving to their current home Argyle House. As you can tell they have been friends for a very long time.

One Tuesday when I escorted Nona to a home visit I got to hear all about Annie and Nonas friendship and how they are more like sisters than friends it was really a very heart-warming story. Eileen spoke of Annie like she was part of her own family and how Annies dad asked her to make sure that wherever they go that they stick together.

 Having only known Annie and Nona for a long time I often watch them and listen to their little conversations and how they always ask for/about each other it is just amazing. This is a friendship like no other. But like any close friends they sure do like a little argument hahah.

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