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The Fringe FestivalThe Fringe FestivalThe Fringe Festival

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The Fringe Festival

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Each year the fringe festival comes to Edinburgh and a couple of our one to one residents attend this. This year we decided we would make a day of it and all head to Edinburgh for the day.

Staff arrange this to be on a day when all the one to one staff would be on shift so all the residents could go. On the 16th of august, we made sure that everything was organised and checked all the train times and planned for our day out.

On the morning of the 17th all the residents were looking forward to a fun filled day. We all started heading for the train station and made a meeting point in Edinburgh as we would be on separate trains. We arrived in Edinburgh and the sun was shining which had everyone in a great mood. After a couple of selfies we started heading around princess gardens.

There was lots of music and lots if very happy people. We stopped on the grass to have lunch and enjoyed having a chat and listening to music. All residents had a great day and we will defo be back next year

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