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A Birthday Cake Fit for a QueenA Birthday Cake Fit for a Queen

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A Birthday Cake Fit for a Queen

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The residents and the staff team of Abbotsford Care Chambers Court would like to start by wishing Our Majesty Queen Elizabeth II many happy returns on her 90th Birthday.

We would like to show our gratitude for the dedication and commitment she has shown since she ascended the throne on February 6, 1952 and the service that she continues to provide at 90 years old as the Queen of our Country.

We thought that to show our appreciation for this service we would come together as a team to produce the most extravagant cake ever to be seen by a Queen. Yes, that's right so be prepared to be amazed as we hold many talents here at Chambers.

Everyone rolled up their sleeves and got the kitchen aprons on... we meant business. Firstly it was decided that we would make the cake full of colour as we all know that our Elizabeth loves to wear many different coloured outfits. The residents kept it simple and elegant with choosing a pastel purple and orange as the main colours of the cake. To ensure that the cake was extra fabulous we baked a main centre piece and designed it to be covered with icing to symbolise Roses 'as Roses light up the face of an angel'.

We then went that extra mile designing cupcakes to surround our centre piece (we needed to make sure there was going to be enough cake for the rest of the royal family).

The residents wanted to add a touch of sparkle and diamonds and of course they didn't want to forget about 'the famous crown' so silver cupcake cases were chosen to give our cake some Va Va Voom and to top it off we added the almighty crown (to which we would like to ensure is returned to Chambers due to it being one of a kind, embodied with diamonds. Available from Amazon... shhh it's a secret!!)

We hope you enjoy our cake, be prepared to be dazzled.
Queen Elizabeth

Chambers Court Salute You

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