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Cowdenbeath Gala Queen

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Cowdenbeath Gala Queen

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Cowdenbeath Gala Queen visited Chambers Court with her maids of honour and an ambassador.

All the residents were so happy to see them.

Resident Rosina was presented with a bouquet of flowers and was delighted to receive them.

The Gala Queen went into each unit with her maids of honour and ambassador, speaking with all the residents. They also took some photos with residents who were over joyed.

One of our residents commented on the Gala Queen saying, “she’s a really bonnie lassie.”

George enjoyed the company of the young group and had a photo taken with them.

All residents enjoyed the visit and thanked the Gala Queen for coming to see them.

Our residents are now looking forward to seeing the procession of the Cowdenbeath Gala.

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