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Make A Wish

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

James's wish was to go and watch a football match. We supported him to achieve this wish but due to the football season being finished there was no matches, so a visit to Cowdenbeath Football ground was organised and on 8th July James went accompanied by Jimmy with the support from care assistants Ray, Jade and Connie.

They arrived at the football ground where they met with David who had organised their visit. David first showed them the home teams changing room where they took a few photos with the training balls that the team use.

They also had a look in the physio room and David spoke about the treatments players sometimes receive. They then had a look inside the gym and Jimmy had a try at lifting weights before being shown the referee's room and the manager's office.

David then took them pitch side and had a discussion about the state of the pitch and how it had just been re-seeded so they were unable to go on it.

They had a walk into the stands and were told all about the capacity of the stadium, how old the stands were and a few more facts about Cowdenbeath football ground.

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